The Lay Led Eucharist: A Practical Handbook

Lay persons are increasingly becoming important in the corporate life of the church, not least in the ordering and conducting of public worship.

This change is being forced by reductions in the numbers of ordained clergy and the ever increasing costs of running and maintaining parishes, especially in rural and remote locations.

This book introduces the concept of Lay Led Eucharistic services and provides a succinct and all embracing explanation of the liturgical theory and sacerdotal practices associated with this special ministry.

The author has many years of experience in conducting this normally priestly sacramental service and offers his readers a comprehensive study of all that is involved, from uncovering the altar upon arrival at church to filling in the Register of Services before locking the church doors and returning home.

The book takes a logical approach to both theory and practice, offers many illustrations, has a comprehensive glossary of terms and suggests further reading.
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ISBN: 9780244832704
102 pp : 11.50
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