Essays to a Degree

In the seven years from 2002 to 2009 the author was a part-time, distance-learning theological student of the University of Aberdeen. During this time he completed academic work that was equivalent to a four year, full-time course. At each stage he studied a wide variety of subjects, ranging from individual books of the Bible, through church history and theological literature to feminism and pastoral care. In all he wrote essays in some sixteen different subject areas and sat written examinations in most of them. He was also required to write a five thousand word assignment on a ‘Special Subject’ of his choosing and, in his final, honours year, a ten thousand word ‘Dissertation’, again on a subject of his own choice.

This volume records the forty or so written submissions that led to his final Honours Bachelor of Theology degree (Second class; Division one) together with the texts of the Special Subject and Dissertation. Full bibliographies for each essay are included as are the final marking grades.

This book comprises a wide spectrum of studies in theology and its many associated academic disciplines and will provide a digest of scholarship for the interested reader.

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ISBN: 9781326380083
500 pp : £20.00
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